We’re not your typical insurance agency. Our founding doesn’t date back to the days of horse and buggy. The business hasn’t been handed down through generations. We don’t wear suits to work every day. We’re not polished or trying to prove anything to anyone. Think more “dive bar” less “wine bar.”

Worksite is comprised of a group of honest, hardworking folks who are as grossed out by some salespeople as you are. We are looking to build a long-term relationship with people seeking a consultant they can trust. We see what you see. We understand what’s wrong with the insurance industry today and how it’s impacting both employers and employees. Our goal is to guide our customers from where they are, to where they want to be by blending their current resources with new strategies and solutions. We help our customers adapt to market changes and focus on educating them around their decision-making rather than telling them what to buy.

Whether you’re a sole proprietor, a business owner with multiple employees, or an individual looking for coverage, we will be your guide. To put it simply, we’re here to help you feel more confident and less intimidated by the decision-making process.

Very Progressive Thinking

Working in the employee benefit market for over 23 years, I have never seen the changes that are taking place like they are today. The team at Worksite Insurance Services recognizes that their role is to identify how these changes impact each of their clients’ individual needs and create a cost effective solution. Very progressive thinking.

- Randy K. , Master Distributor, Call A Doctor Plus

Meet Brooke

From my (Liz) perspective, Brooke is basically a unicorn. The kind of person with all of the intangibles that you can’t teach or train. You just continue to question how you got so lucky to get her as your employee and then pray she never leaves.  And she’s even a millennial, but not the kind who makes you question how she survives in the real world. She’s like an old soul, wise beyond her years. She took a big chance on herself by joining Worksite when she did, which is something many people never have the courage to do.  Brooke is one of the most social people you will ever meet and is happy to talk to you for 5 minutes about your insurance and then another 20 about your life if that’s what you want. She makes up for most of what I lack (which is saying a lot) and together we are building this little agency together.




Meet Liz

Hey there! To put it as simply as I can, I started Worksite mostly out of fear of having to get a real job and become an employee of someone else’s company. Luckily, it’s working out for me and I continue to believe that, when done right, there is still a place for small agencies in the insurance industry. Meeting with business owners and learning how they’ve built and grown a business never gets old to me. It takes a certain kind of person to not only get there but then to take care of their employees once they are there. I like being around those people. I particularly enjoy working with people in rural markets, especially those who like to hold our meetings in bars instead of board rooms. Strip away the BS and have a real conversation? I’m in! Cheers!